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Gullwing Stalker 9.5/40° Rubber Blk/Sil Truck

Read 3 reviews
Read 3 reviews

"Don't do it."

This truck sucks. Looks nice, but terrible design and feel. The rubber or "urethane" design on the outside is supposedly providing a shock absorber, but it doesn't function very well. Truck also doesn't turn very smoothly.

Gullwing made these trucks thinking they would be some amazing special trucks but really they aren't that special. There goal was to make a super smooth riding truck, but the design didn't really meet the expectations of a smooth ride for me. That being said, they are just like every other gullwing truck so do they have an alright ride but with the extra money, they are not worth it. the 40* plate... Read Entire Review
"Terrible Designv"

These trucks are a bad design that just keeps getting worse. Just like almost all of the RKP trucks gullwing makes. with in about a month of riding the pivot cup wears out and creates a slop. this also makes it so as you turn the axis on which you are turning changes. This basically means the trucks don't turn and are not predictable. Most of the Gullwing trucks have good stock bushings. Except th... Read Entire Review


Gullwing trucks sold in sets of two. To complete a board you will need one set. Click here for a break down of skateboard truck sizes. What else will you need to complete your Gullwing Stalker 9.5"/40° Rubber Blk/Sil Truck Skateboard Trucks?
To make the perfect skateboard check out our full selection of skateboard decks, skateboard wheels, skateboard bearings, skateboard risers, skateboard hardware, and skateboard griptape. All Gullwing Skateboard Trucks are 100% legit and come direct from the distributors, we do not carry any knock offs on our entire site.

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