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Item: 1GPDX00SHT

Paradox Single Sheet-Gold Logo 9X33 Griptape

Read 3 reviews
Read 3 reviews

Cody Lust
"Perfect Amount Of Grip"

I don't know about this balance helping crap people are talking about but this grip tape is great. Think about a grip tape that is in between Grizzly and Mob and this is your grip. I did have it peel off the edges a little more than I like but that's probably my own fault, I'm going to hit it with the hairdryer next time see if that helps.
"Paradox Griptape"

Great griptape just as cheap as the leading brand, Jessup, Ironhorse, Blackmagic etc. I swear by this stuff now. The makers claim to have combined several spiritual practices like eastern mysticism into these little circle holograms underneath the grip creating an enrgy circuit. Im not sure if this is a sort of placebo effect or the real deal, but I beleive. Ill never use other grip again, I may e... Read Entire Review
"No mystical Griptape"

I used this and I've never felt anything different in balance. There's suppose to be the balance holograms in the grip, but it doesn't work. It's just regular griptape


Paradox is a leading provider of premium griptape. They use a long lasting glue that outdoes all the others. Some might say it has the perfect grit, texture and smooth cutting. What else will you need to complete your Paradox Single Sheet-Gold Logo 9X33 Griptape Skateboard GripTape?
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