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Item: 1SSHODOH10

Shorty's (10/Pk) Doh Doh- White 98A

Read 2 reviews
Read 2 reviews

"These are a 10 pack, not a set of 10"

These are infact a 10/pack. However, do not be mislead. There are not more than ten. Therefore, this is only a set of 5. NOT A SET OF 10.
"These are not 10 pk of doh doh"

I was expecting it was a ten packs of doh2x but it's fine .. who'll expect 10packs of doh2x just for 20 bucks..but please do change the product description.. it's actually just 5 packs of doh dohs.


Take it from us, Shortys makes quality Bushings. All Shortys Bushings are 100% legit and come direct from the distributors, we do not carry any knock offs on our entire site.

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